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All of the products are available to be seen and touched by everyone. Our manufacturing moves forward into the future with the joy of being connected to everyone in the world and with a sense of responsibility and challenge. Our sensitivity to beauty continues with modesty. State-of-art technology polished through innovative ideas. They have now crystallized as a power to create blissful interior space.

As a total supplier of interior fabric, every member of the TB Kawashima family continues to deliver comfortable traveling space to the public.

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Establishing the “Strongest” Network of Synergetic Effect through the Power of the Three Companies

TB Kawashima integrates and pursues R&D, Production and Proposal by combining the multi-dimension know-how possessed by each of the three companies in their specialties.
With our main products, interior materials for automobiles and other vehicles, we are not limited in the realm of fabric, but expand extensively through product development for automobile space.


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Logo Story

Our logo combines the T from Tatsumura Textile AI, the B from Toyota Boshoku, and the K from Kawashima Selkon Textiles.

As a textile maker,
The three letters are connected as a single strand of thread to express the unity of the three companies. The dynamic design also expresses the speediness with which we deliver interior materials to the automotive and transportation industries, and our movement toward future development.

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